Structure of AGAH

modern, flexible, democratic


The board of AGAH comprises five members,

  • President
  • Past President
  • President Elect
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

A new President Elect is elected every two years and the other Presidents move to their next office or leave the board.

This ensures that the board is constantly renewed but also that there is sufficient continuity through board membership of 6 years in total of the Presidents in order to guarantee high quality work by the board thanks to sufficient experience.

How AGAH works

The up to 20 regents ensure that the challenging workload of the Association remains achievable without taking up too much time.

The general meeting of AGAH elects the regents and board and decides the orientation of the Association. The Association's projects are determined by the general meeting and/or the regents.

AGAH has a modern, democratic and flexible management model that has proven to work very well.Dynamism, modernity of the subjects, integration of young scientists – no empty words at AGAH, but instead established practice.

The Association is supported in organisational terms by a professional office, which also makes the many activities practically possible.