Our mission

Responsibilities of the associations for its members and the scientific society

Tasks according to the constitution

The Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Angewandte Humanpharmakologie e.V. - AGAH) is a non-profit organisation, which as a specialist medical-scientific organisation is dedicated to "promoting teaching, science and research in human pharmacology"

How do we do this?

Our annual congress plays a very important role here, at which we examine current topics in the area of exploratory medicinal product development and human pharmacological research at a high, international level – either in Germany or in one of our European partner countries.


Our constitution gives you detailed information!


Our academic workshops about specific topics - high quality training for beginners and lateral entrants!


Our regents and the board develop academic workshops every year about specific topics that we have identified as important for our members.

And of course – high quality training workshops for beginners in the profession and lateral entrants!


Further tasks

But also interaction with the authorities through our annual discussion forum on current topics regarding early-phase clinical trials.

And of course, the excellent and highly acclaimed study nurse course, regular publications, competent guideline commentaries at the European level, a network for young professionals, etc. etc. ….