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Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Angewandte Humanpharmakologie e.V. (AGAH) ist eine gemeinnützige medizinisch-wissenschaftliche Fachgesellschaft, deren Mitglieder in der humanpharmakologischen Arzneimittelforschung und -entwicklung tätig sind. Diese umfaßt alle Berufsgruppen, die am Übergang von der Erforschung neuer Wirkstoffe oder Formulierungen zu deren klinischer Anwendung arbeiten. 

Aktuelle Meldungen zu den Aktivitäten der AGAH.

    Interested in Network of young scientists?

    Please send an e-Mail to: maria.brachs ( a t ) agah.eu

    Aktuelle Veranstaltungen der AGAH

    The workshop addresses young scientists working in basic pharmacological research and other colleagues involved in biomedical research who would like to know more about early phase clinical development.

    Biomarkers and pharmacodynamic models will be the focus of this workshop. Translation from knowledge derived from non-clinical studies to planning and conduct of early clinical trials aims at mitigating risk as well as at increasing the predictability for a safe and successful development. Biomarkers fit for purpose and meaningful pharmacodynamic models are most important tools in this context.

    Veranstaltungsort: Stuttgart


    This course addresses postgraduates in life sciences interested in early clinical development of medicinal products. Two training parts of several days provide a concise overview on Human Pharmacology / Translational Medicine spanning from non-clinical pharmacology and toxicology over first-in-man studies to proof-of-concept clinical trials.

    Event language: English

    Veranstaltungsort: SocraTec R&D GmbH, Oberursel


    Presentations and associated discussions will focus on the following topics:

    • Insight in chronobiology and its impact on PK/PD and drug development

    • Make man transparent: application of imaging techniques in biodistribution and pharmacodynamics

    • Oncolytic virus therapy – fighting cancer with good bugs

    Veranstaltungsort: Friedrichroda, Germany


    The 28th AGAH Annual Meeting 2019 will take place in conjunction with the EUFEMED Conference

    The two-day meeting will include a mixture of focused scientific sessions, interactive workshops and open forum panel discussions. Two parallel, pre-conference workshops will take place on 15 May 2018 and are dedicated to ‘Trial Simulation and Basic Tools’ and ‘Early Clinical Development of Biologics – What is Special?’

    Veranstaltungsort: Centre de Congrès de Lyon, France


    ‚Die Investigator’s Brochure in FIH und frühen klinischen Prüfungen‘

    Programm und Anmeldemöglichkeit folgt

    Veranstaltungsort: GSI, Bonn


    22.04.2020 – 24.04.2020

    29th AGAH Annual Meeting

    Further information to follow

    Veranstaltungsort: tba


    Aktuelle Veranstaltungen mit / von Partnergesellschaften

    25.02.2019 – 28.02.2019

    4th German Pharm-Tox Summit 2019

    This is a joint conference organised and held by the German Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (DGPT) together with the Association of Clinical Pharmacology (VKliPha) and the Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH).

    Veranstaltungsort: Stuttgart