The AGAH professional business networking group on LinkedIn

This project was initiated by the AGAH Regent Jorg Taubel, London, to provide a forum for members to develop innovative concepts and methods that can be implemented into daily working practice. This group offers a place to connect with professionals in similar lines of work to share information, to find solutions to questions that come to mind during the day to day of business, to discuss contemporary issues such consultancy, regulatory challenges, novel approaches to improving efficiency in early drug development and much more.

New members can sign up to LinkedIn by following this link:

Once a LinkedIn member, it will be possible to join the AGAH business networking group by following this link:

And selecting the ‘Join Group’ icon on the left-hand side, just beneath the group description. 

Kerstin Breithaupt-Grögler 
Fort- und Weiterbildungsbeauftragte der AGAH e. V.

Jorg Taubel
Regent AGAH e.V.