Präsentationen Annual Meeting 2005

Session I: Why do we need Phase I studies?

W. Seifert, Berlin

H. Fuder, Mulhouse

H. Caplain, Paris

Session II: Implications of the new EU-Directive on clinical trials

A. Patat, Paris

R. Frey, Wuppertal

S. Warrington, London

J. van Gerven, Leiden

C. Reh, Berlin

A. Patat, Paris

Session III: Safety issues in Phase I studies

M. Sibille, Lyon

B. Reigner, Basel

G. Sanderink, Paris

Allometric scaling
No presentation available

Session IV: New tools in early drug development

E. Fuseau, Aix-en-Provence

K.L. Rost, Berlin

Informed consent process in pharmacogenomic studies (Germany, France, international view)
No presentation available

R. Myers, London

B. Acres, Strasbourg

New compounds derived from research on proteomics
No presentation available


H. Allain, Rennes

P. Maisonblanche, Paris

M. Buyse, Bruxelles