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12th AGAH Annual Meeting 2003

23. Februar 2003 - 25. Februar 2003
Annual Meeting 2003, Bonn


Back to the Future – Upgrading classical test strategies for innovative drugs


February 23 – 25, 2003, Bonn, Germany

Workshops and sessions during the pre-symposium day concentrated on medical and report writing, the FDA guidelines referring to time-series data, the Declaration of Helsinki and the European directives regulating the conduct of clinical trials. Symposium and Poster sessions focussed on current regulatory and socio-economical aspects of drug development and their perspectives, the evolution of clinical trial methods, especially in the development of anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-neurodegenerative and genetically engineered drugs.

Presentations of the Annual Meeting 2003

Session I: Today's Setting of Drug Development

R. Shah, London

Risk-benefit Evaluation in Approval of traditional and innovative Drugs (Abstract)
No presentation available

M. Holz-Slomczyk, BfArM, Bonn

Guidelines for Drug Approval – Today and Tomorrow (Abstract)
No presentation available

Session II: Socioeconomic acpects of new Drugs

Workshop on the German Medicinal Act (AMG) – Presentations

M. Schlander, Witten-Herdecke

What does the society want?

J. Göben, BfArM, Bonn

What can the Society afford? (Abstract)
No presentation available

Session III: Essential Tools – Today and Tomorrow

B. Meibohm, Memphis

Exposure/Response vs. Dose/Response Relationship in Drug Development (Abstract)
No presentation available

E. Wingender, Göttingen

Using Bioinformatics for bridging the Genotype-Phenotype Gap (Abstract)
No presentation available

Session IV: Development of Anticancer Drugs

B. Osterwalder, Basel

Xeloda, an old cytotoxic in a new Form: new Development Paradigm required? (Abstract)
No presentation available

D. Voliotis, Wuppertal

Safety, Toxicity and Efficacy of Antineoplastic Compounds – a clinical View (Abstract)
No presentation available

D. Laurent, Berlin

Design and Evaluation of clinical Studies with Angiogenesis Inhibitors (Abstract)
No presentation available


Session V: Development of Anti-inflammatory Drugs

K. Brune, Erlangen-Nürnberg

Methods to assess the Safety and Efficacy of traditional Compounds (NSAID, Steroids) [Abstract]
No presentation available

M. F. Neurath, Mainz

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Cytokines and Cytokine Therapies (Abstract)
No presentation available

Session VI: Development of Anti-Neurodegenerative Drugs

C. Gilles, Rouffach, France

Functional MRI in neurodegenerative Disease (Abstract)
No presentation available

A. Lammertsma, Amsterdam

Potential use of PET in Drug Development: labelled Drugs, functional Changes (e.g. Flow and Metabolism), Receptor Occupancy, Dose Response Curves (Abstract)
No presentation available

Session VII: Development of genetically engineered Drugs

U. Keilholz, Berlin

Gene- and Immunotherapy in Oncology: Study Concepts, Endpoints and first Results (Abstract)
No presentation available

V. Kessler, Freiburg

Tissue Engineering (Abstract)
No presentation available

F. Jakob, Würzburg

Stem Cell Therapy (Abstract)
No presentation available


R. Hermann, Frankfurt, W. Haverkamp, Berlin, U. Bischoff, Hamburg

QTc – „Time series data“ (Abstract)
No presentation available

K. Breithaupt-Grögler, Frankfurt and B. Hughes-Formella, Hamburg

Medical Writing – Report Writing (Abstract)
No presentation available

T. Sudhop, Bonn

K. Olejniczak, BfArM, Bonn

Preclinical requirements to studies in children (Abstract)
No presentation available

23. Februar 2003 - 25. Februar 2003

12th AGAH Annual Meeting 2003

Annual Meeting 2003