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AGAH Diskussion Forum 2019

11. November 2019
GSI, Bonn

How to interprete an investigator's brochure for meaningful risk assessment

Veranstaltungsort: GSI, Bonn


The Investigator’s Brochure is the key document for the Sponsor to compile the pertinent knowledge on the pharmaceutical, pharmacological, and toxicological characteristics of and –if any- the clinical experience with the investigational medicinal product (IMP). Critical appraisal of potential safety risks and appropriate precautions on how to avoid putting healthy subjects or patients receiving the IMP at risk is required to provide guidance for the investigator. In first-in-human and early phase clinical trials, clinical experience with the IMP is lacking or sparse and non-clinical safety assessments must enable an adequate risk assessment to support the transition from animal models to man. This AGAH discussion forum will debate what is required from an IB to provide proper guidance for the investigator about an IMP in early clinical trials. The discussion forum addresses investigators and trial teams with some hands-on experience in early phase clinical trials. Clinicians performing first in human trials / early clinical trials in patients may equally profit from this workshop.


GSI - Gustav Stresemann Institut Bonn
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53175 Bonn


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Prof. Dr. Georg Wensing
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Delegate number is limited to 70 persons.

Final Registration: November 1, 2019