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AGAH Discussion Forum 2023

1. December 2023
GSI – Gustav Stresemann Institut Bonn, Bonn

First in Human - Early Phase Clinical Trials - Current practical issues and proposed solutions


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After a break of several years, the AGAH would now like to resume the already established format of the discussion forum on current issues in human pharmacology.

The event deals with open points that still seem to be unresolved in the planning and conduct of early clinical drug trials - even after several years of experience with the practical implementation of the FIH Guideline. Ambiguities that repeatedly give rise to queries in the Clinical Trial Authorisation process will be addressed and discussed from different perspectives.

At the end of this day, we would like to find solution-oriented answers to the questions discussed and develop concrete recommendations for action with the aim of improving the cooperation of all those involved in early clinical trials.

We cordially invite you to an intensive debate with representatives of higher federal authorities, members of ethics committees, sponsors and investigators.



GSI - Gustav Stresemann Institut Bonn
Langer Grabenweg 68
53175 Bonn
Web: www.gsi-bonn.de


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1. December 2023

AGAH Discussion Forum 2023

GSI – Gustav Stresemann Institut Bonn

Langer Grabenweg 68
53175 Bonn