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4th German Pharm-Tox Summit 2019

25. Februar 2019 - 28. Februar 2019
Pharm Tox Summit 2019, Stuttgart

Dear colleagues and friends,
It is our great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the 4th German
Pharm-Tox Summit from 25–28 February 2019 in Stuttgart. Traditionally, this is a joint conference organised and held by the German
Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology (DGPT) together with the Association of Clinical Pharmacology
(VKliPha) and the Association for Applied Human Pharmacology
To make the 4th German Pharm-Tox Summit an excellent scientific
congress presenting cutting edge science from experimental and clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, for the first time two Universities,
namely Tübingen and Ulm, also represented by the two Congress
Presidents from the German Societies of Clinical Pharmacology and
Toxicology, respectively, joint together with the Dr. Margarete FischerBosch-Institute of Clinical Pharmacology in Stuttgart.
We are confident that the three plenary talks as well as the various
symposia and the short talks sessions will provide exciting insight on
hot topics of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, and toxicology,
but also allow to look across the borders of the own research topics.
We cordially invite you to submit your abstracts, short talks or posters.
We are looking forward to receiving your scientific contributions, which
is of major importance for the quality of the scientific programme of
this congress. We thank you in advance for your valuable support.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Stuttgart!

Program & Online Registration:

Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwab
President DGKliPha, DGPT
Congress President 2019

Prof. Dr. Holger Barth
President GT
Congress President 2019

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wieland
Congress President 2019

PD Dr. Kurt Bestehorn
x Speaker VKliPha

Prof. Dr. Georg Wensing
President AGAH

Welcome to Stuttgart

Fascinati ng and beauti ful, cosmopolitan and
charming, traditi onal and future-oriented:
the diversity of the Stutt gart region makes
it worth visiti ng. Its economy and its culture
are equally thriving – whereby the one is oft en
interlinked with the other, as in the case of
the world-famous automobile brands whose
names and museums are synonymous with
Stutt gart.
Brilliant achievements and an outstanding
inventi ve spirit are typical of the Stutt gart
Region and are evident at every turn: castles
and palaces bear witness to a great past – and
bold, futuristi c architecture to an equally great
present. The fi ne arts have always been given
ample room to fl ourish, and many visitors are
astonished at the wealth of outstanding gems
which the Stutt gart Region has to off er.
Come and enjoy our beauti ful city!

General Information

Haus der Wirtschaft l Stuttgart

Hosting societies
• German Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and
Toxicology (DGPT)
• Associati on of Clinical Pharmacology (VKliPha)
• Associati on for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH)

Conference chairs
Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwab
Dr. Margarete Fischer-Bosch-Institute of Clinical PharmacologyStuttgart

Prof. Dr. Holger Barth
Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology
University of Ulm Medical Center

Scientific committee
Prof. Dr. Holger Barth (Ulm)
PD Dr. Kurt Bestehorn (Ebenhausen)
Prof. Dr. Hiltrud B. Brauch (Stutt gart)
Prof. Dr. med. Ingolf Cascorbi (Kiel)
Prof. Dr. Peter Gierschik (Ulm)
Dr. Andrea Kliewer (Jena)
Prof. Dr. Dr. Bernd Nürnberg (Tübingen)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwab (Stutt gart, Tübingen)
Prof. Dr. Michael Schwarz (Tübingen)
Prof. Dr. med. Georg Wensing (Wuppertal)
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wieland (Mannheim)

Industrial exhibition
During the conference, an industrial exhibition will take place.
Interested companies are invited to request informati on on the
exhibition from Conventus.

Conference organisation
Conventus Congressmanagement & Marketing GmbH
Tina Markert/Jenny Gotzmann
Phone +49 3641 31 16-367/-376 I

Abstract submission

Abstracts should be submitted in English online at:
Abstract deadline: 25 October 2018
Please register online at the conference website
Early bird registration deadline: 9 January 2019
Abstract topics
Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology
(DGP, DGKliPha, VKliPha)
Molecular mechanisms
1.11 G-protein coupled receptors
1.12 GTP-binding proteins
1.13 Cyclic nucleotides
1.14 Ion channels
1.15 Membrane transporters
1.16 Enzymes
1.17 NO, CO and reactive oxygen species
1.18 Epigenetics
Organ and systems pharmacology
1.21 Cardiovascular pharmacology & treatment
1.22 Central nervous system pharmacology
1.23 Pulmonary pharmacology
1.24 Endocrine pharmacology
1.25 Immunopharmacology
1.26 Gastrointestinal pharmacology
1.27 Urogenital system pharmacology
1.28 Cancer pharmacology & treatment
Clinical pharmacology
1.31 Drug discovery
1.32 Disease models
1.33 Pharmacokinetics and PK-PD modelling
1.34 Pharmacogenomics & personalized therapy
1.35 Drug therapy in special populations
1.36 Clinical studies
1.37 Clinical pharmacy
1.38 Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety
1.39 Adherence/compliance
1.40 Regulatory
Toxicology (GT)
2.01 Biotransformation and toxicokinetics
2.02 Organtoxicity (immunotoxicity, blood, and kidney)
2.03 Neurotoxicity, incl. neurodevelopment
2.04 Reproductive/Developmental toxicity
2.05 Endocrine effects
2.06 Risk assessment
2.06.1 Methods
2.06.2 Substances and compound groups
2.07 Nanomaterials
2.08 Genotoxicity
2.09 Carcinogenesis
2.10 Immunotoxicology
2.11 Non-animal testing
2.11.1 in silico
2.11.2 in vitro
2.12 Toxic pathway analysis/AOP
2.13 Exposure/Effect monitoring
2.13.1 Biomarkers of exposure/Biomonitoring
2.13.2 Biomarkers of effect/Susceptibility
2.13.3 External exposure
2.14 Food toxicology
2.15 Environmental toxicology/Ecotoxicology
2.16 Toxins
3.11 Education

25. Februar 2019 - 28. Februar 2019

4th German Pharm-Tox Summit 2019

Pharm Tox Summit 2019