Joint Conference of European Human Pharmacological Societies and 20th Anniversary of AGAH

Exploratory Development of Modern Therapies – Biologicals, Advanced Therapies and Drug-Device Combinations

31 March & 01 April 2011, Berlin, Germany

Human Pharmacology is still a relatively young discipline. Only in the 1980ies clinical pharmacologists performing Phase I studies founded dedicated scientific associations to exchange experience, to foster systematic research and to harmonise quality standards. Since then great progress has been made in early drug development of small molecules for many different indications. Human pharmacology today is crucial for early go/no-go decisions. The growing number of biologicals, new advanced therapies and innovative modes of drug application like drug/device combinations or nano particles call for new scientific tools. Human pharmacologists have to adapt to completely new mechanisms of action, pharmacological characteristics, models, methodologies and techniques in Phase I/II clinical trials.

The best way to compile the current level of knowledge and to exchange the sparse experience on new methodologies is international collaboration. The German AGAH e.V, the French Club Phase I, the Belgian BAPU and the British AHPPI decided to join forces and have the great pleasure to invite you to their 1st joint conference. This meeting will update you on new approaches in exploratory development of modern therapies and provides ample opportunity to discuss ideas, strategies, methods, technologies and experience with the early development of biologicals, advanced therapies and drug-device combinations in 2 days of plenary sessions and workshops.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, AGAH is proud to welcome three sister associations to in Berlin, where it was founded in 1991. We are most happy to celebrate the development and continuous growth of AGAH, providing “home” for the majority of human pharmacologists working in pharma companies, CROs and academic units in Germany.

Programme of the Annual Meeting 2011