Who is the AGAH

The Association for Applied Human Pharmacology (AGAH) foccuses as scientific medical non-profit organisation on explorative drug development and human pharmacology.

The AGAH works in colaboration with other national and international professional associations active in the same scientific area and arranges national as well as international congresses, seminars and workshops on various aspects of applied human pharmacology.

The AGAH is member of the Association of the Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF) and member of the Network Clinical Pharmacology Germany (VKliPha). Partner organisations of the AGAH are the French Club Phase I and the American College of Clinical ­Pharmacology (ACCP).

Scientific activities of the AGAH members mainly result from special project groups work groups which will be presented soon.

Organisational Structure of the AGAH

The regents system supports the work of the managing board which consists of five members. Regular regents meetings ensure information exchange between the different project groups which mainly contribute to the achievements of the AGAH.

The following links provide additional information about the AGAH: