Presentations of the Annual Meeting 2006

J. Barrett

B. Bernhard

H. Fuder

R. Krishna

  • Krishna SII 28.02.06 01.ppt(1.7 MB)
    Approaches to First-In-Man and Beyond: Early Evidence of Target Engagement with Biomarkers and Innovative Clinical Trial Designs.

J. Lesko

J. Lütz

B. Meibohm

J. Schentag

B. Schug

T. Sudhop

  • EU-IMPD 02.pdf(87 kB)
    What is required for first into man? The EU IMPD.

S. Throm

G. Wensing

  • 1200 Wensing.pdf(777 kB)
    From Preclinical Data to Proof of Concept – Strategies for First to Man Studies.

M. Zühlsdorf